Offshore Funk - Video Edit by "Unknown Artist"

In 2006 this video was posted using original footage from the feature film FAME to compose a video to our song “Crometown” … very cool, we think.

The music is taken from the Offshore Funk album “Crome” I did with Heiko Laux, released by Kanzleramt. We were very pleased seeing this, unfortunately the originator remains unknown up to this day.


West Motor Circuit 1998 - The Race

West Reemtsma did a follow up of the Sound Circle in 1998 centered around their Formula 1 engagement. Sounds you hear in this one are real Formula-1 driving machines. As fierce and loud as they are, the music should be, always keeping in mind the clubby aspect of it all.


Ballett: MARILYN - Landestheater Salzburg

Composition FJ Grümmer/Teo Schulte, Choreography: Peter Breuer, Story: Christian Fuchs.

A blend of old and new, remixes of 1950/60s songs and iconic tracks of the era. Amazing visuals in a theatre with a long tradition.


West Sound Circle 1995 - Official Surround Production

West Sound Circle CD produced with various artists in quadrophonic sound using Dolby Surround encoding technology to bring this experience to the home theatre listener.


Original cover text on the CD:

On december 8th, 1995 the WEST SOUND CIRCLE was installed in the legendary E-Werk in Berlin. This event marked a turning point in the evolution of the clubbing experience through the use of state of the art quadrophonic sound engineering. renowned djs and live acts created for the first time ever a rare mulitdimensional landscape of sound.

Highlights from the WEST SOUND CIRCLE have been remixed for this recording. All tracks are produced for hifi systems with a surround decoder in order to achieve the full effect of this multichannel sound on a home entertainment system. Of course this cd can also be played on a conventional system.


Filmmuseum Berlin 2006

Mixing in a room with a ceiling height of 8 meters, walls cladded with 141 mirrors – reflections from everywhere. Very challenging environment to mix for, that’s why we decided to finalise the production in the room where it is perceived. The 20 minute documentary about the history of television in East and West Germany from 1945 until today runs 5 times every day.

Visit the Deutsche Kinemathek website for more information.


West Sound Circle Live in E-Werk Berlin

A critically acclaimed club night in Berlin’s hottest techno club “E-Werk” back in 1995. Line-up included the ORB’s great Alex Patterson. The great David Moss lent us his voice for some experimental performances. It was repeated in Cologne in 1995 and the line-up included the already famous – and Berlin’s own – “Sun Electric”,  the great Peter Lazenby and the soon-to-become-famous Propellerheads. Everyone remembers their 1998 release “Decks Drums and Rock ‘n Roll” featuring Dame Shirley Bassey in “History Repeating”.


Deutsche Welle - Fascination, Color, Form - Why is German Design so successful (Production: Maren Niemeyer)

German design is setting global trends and is an international model for well-cut and unfussy classic design pieces.

Interesting series definitely worth watching. Available for streaming in the DW media library.


John Rabe - Der Retter mit dem Hakenkreuz

Documentary about the naive Siemens manager who saves thousands of lives during WWII.

Produktion: Florian Hartung, Februar Film, ZDF 2008


MY CLASS, Film by Ekaterina Eremenko

zero one film in Koproduktion mit rbb (D), ARTE (D/F), Maximage (CH), BBC (GBR), 2008


Ballett: MOVE Staatstheater Saarbrücken

Amazing dancers in this ultra modern 2002 piece of ballerina/choreographer Marguerite Donlon who – up to her move – worked at Deutsche Oper, Berlin. The choreographer  wrote this 2 hr ballet evening when she got called to take over the Staatstheater Saarbrücken ballet company. When I was asked to do the music I was inspired by Prodigy and the likes. The Fairlight CMI Series III – which I used a lot at that time – helped shaping some ideas and some good sounds.


DLR - Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrt

The German Aerospace program and a few of their image films I had the opportunity to work on.


Der erste Schuss. Angriff auf Pearl Harbor

Produktion: Florian Hartung, Februar Film, ZDF/arte 2006


Geheimnis Area 51 - MiGs im Sperrgebiet

Es ist ein Gelände in der Wüste von Nevada, streng bewacht und abgeschirmt gegen die Öffentlichkeit. Schilder drohen allen, die sich nähern, mit hohen Strafen, sogar mit dem Tod: Area 51. Verschwörungstheoretiker und zahlreiche Spielfilme verbreiten den Glauben, dass hier außerirdische Raumschiffe erprobt werden.

Autor: Dirk Pohlmann; Produktion: Florian Hartung, Februar Film, ZDF/ARTE, 2009